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Citation Label: GEN146
Publication Name: BLM 2006 Best Management Practices Awards
Publication Type: News
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Author Name: Bureau of Land Management
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Publication Year: 2006
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Annotation: The BLM website describes BMP awards which recognize oil, gas and geothermal operators, or right-of-way grantees and their partners, who are demonstrating leadership and creativity in reducing harmful impacts of energy development projects on the environment. The short video reveals how the awarded technology reduces the adverse effects on wildlife habitat.
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Recommended: The document details award winners and the winning BMPs. "The Buffalo Field Office has demonstrated that fully supporting and encouraging the use of environmental Best Management Practices (BMP) by industry and managing a heavy permitting workload are not mutually exclusive tasks. Development of coalbed natural gas has resulted in continuous innovation and refinement of several environmental BMPs"( Homepage).
Ownership: Private, state, and federal. The document contains broad recommendations pertaining to the entire industry, not to specific situations or locations.