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Citation Label: ND02
Publication Name: Chapter 38-08 Control of Gas and Oil Resources
Publication Type: Statutes
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Author Name: North Dakota Legislative Branch
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Local Source File: ND02_chapter_38-08.pdf
Annotation: This statue is supposed to to foster, encourage, and promote the development, production, and utilization of natural resources of oil and gas in North Dakota in such a manner as will prevent waste; to authorize and to provide for the operation and development of oil and gas properties in such a manner that a greater ultimate recovery of oil and gas be had and that the correlative rights of all owners be fully protected; and to encourage and to authorize cycling, recycling, pressure maintenance, and secondary recovery operations in order that the greatest possible economic recovery of oil and gas be obtained within the state to the end that the landowners, the royalty owners, the producers, and the general public realize and enjoy the greatest possible good from these vital natural resources.
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