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Citation Label: MT01
Publication Name: Handbook on Best Management Practices and Mitigation Strategies for Coal Bed Methane in the Montana Portion of the Powder River Basin
Publication Type: Report
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Author Name: ALL Consulting
Other Authors: Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation
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Publication Year: 2002
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Local Source File: MT01-BMPHandbookforPowderRiverBasin.pdf
Annotation: The handbook presents background information on CBM activity in the Montana portion of the Powder River Basin (Study Area) while also presenting a number of Best Management Practices and Mitigation Strategies specific to CBM that have been successfully used throughout the United States.
Required vs.
Recommended -- "The handbook is not intended to be a prescriptive document that specifies required practices. Rather, it should be recognized that actual practices and mitigation measures used for a particular site or area will be largely dependant upon land and mineral ownership, geologic and hydrologic conditions (including depth of coal seams), soil types, local and regional wildlife issues, and other unique conditions." Pg. 1
Ownership: Federal, state and private -- The document is a general discussion of CBM and BMPs. While the information may be used primarily on federal lands and for federal NEPA documents, it is applicable more widely to all types of land ownership.