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Citation Label: CO112
Publication Name: An Ordinance of the Town of Collbran, Colorado Adopting a New Chapter 9.15, Watershed Protection to Title 9 of the Collbran Municipal Code
Publication Type: Regulations
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Publication Year: 2010
Publication No.: ORDINANCE NO.8 SERIES OF 2010 A
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Local Source File: CO112_collbran_watershed_ordinance.pdf
Annotation: The Board ofTrustees finds that the maintenance and protection of an adequate water supply of the highest quality and quantity is essential to the health, welfare and safety of the inhabitants of the Town of Collbran. The purpose of this Chapter is to maintain and protect the Town's watershed and waterworks from damage, harm or injury, and preventing pollution of the Town's water supply. These regulations shall be periodically reviewed and updated to reflect new technologies and activities that may impact the Town's watershed.
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