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Citation Label: MT08
Publication Name: Coal Bed Natural Gas APD and Project POD Guidance Manual
Publication Type: Guidance/Standards
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Author Name: Bureau of Land Management, Miles City Office
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Publication Year: 2003
Publication No.: BLM/MT/GI-03/014
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Local Source File: MT08-CoalBedNaturalGasAPDandProjectPODGuidanceManual.pdf
Annotation: The purpose of the Guidance Document is to assist people with the preparation of Applications for Permit to Drill (APDs) and Project Plans of Development (PODs) addressing proposed CBNG activities. The Guidance Document is referenced in the Montana Final Statewide Oil and Gas EIS/Amendment, and will provide a means to help implement decisions found in the Record of Decision, April 2003. The Guidance Document is divided into two major parts. The first part outlines the information required in a complete APD and a complete POD. The second part provides examples of supporting material required in a complete POD. Other information addressing maps, field inspections and names and phone numbers of BLM employees are also provided.
Required vs.
Required -- Section III -- "The following points are required to be addressed:" Page 2. Required -- Section IV -- "The lessee or operator must provide a Surface Use Plan that includes maps, plats and narrative descriptions that address the following points:" Page 3. Recommended -- Section VII -- "Some of the surface use criteria/standards that BLM specialists use for evaluating the Project and should be considered in project planning are listed below."
Ownership: Federal -- BLM has jurisdiction over federal lands and/or minerals.