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Citation Label: CO155
Publication Name: Oil and Gas Operator Agreement Between the City of Fort Collins and Prospect Energy, LLC, 2013
Publication Type: MOU/MOA
Section Name:
Author Name: The City of Fort Collins
Other Authors: Prospect Energy, LLC
Contractor Name:
Publication Year: 2013
Publication No.:
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Local Source File: CO155_CO_MOU_CityofFortCollins_Prospect_Energy.pdf
Annotation: The Amended Oil ad Gas Operator Agreement (Memorandum of Understanding/MOU) between the City of Fort Collins and Prospect Energy LLC requires Prospect Energy LLC to include Best Management Practices within City Limits.
Required vs.
Required: "The BMPs shall apply to all New Wells drilled by the Company while this Agreement is effective. . . For the purposes of this provision, ''New Well" shall mean any Company-operated well spudded during the term of this Agreement, and located on either a currently existing well pad or a New Well pad that is located within the City limits, and a ''New Well Pad" shall mean any area that is directly disturbed during the drilling and subsequent operation of a New Well, including any production facilities directly associated with such well, and its associated Well Pad, insofar as it covers lands located in the City limits. . . For the purposes of this Agreement, a New Well shall not include the re-entry of a previously plugged and abandoned well; accordingly, the re-entry of a previously plugged and abandoned well is not allowed." MOU, 3.