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Citation Label: GEN427
Publication Name: Underground Wastewater Disposal from Oil and Gas Operations: Regulating Our Way to Earthquake Free
Publication Type: Report
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Author Name: Glaser, Kayleen
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Contractor Name: Intermountain Oil and Gas BMP Project
Publication Year: 2013
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Local Source File: GEN427_GlaserWardOilGasInducedSeismicity.pdf
Annotation: This report explores various legal and policy avenues to eliminate or minimize IS associated with wastewater disposal activities from oil and gas development. It focuses on UIC regulations under the Safe Drinking Water Act, as implemented by various states, and federal best practices for managing and mitigating IS. The paper examines moratoriums and bans, executive orders, permitting systems, and state regulations (AR, CO, NC, OH, OK, and TX) and discusses how state action has measured up to the federal government’s listed best practices.
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