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Citation Label: CO168
Publication Name: A Resolution Approving an Oil and Gas Operator Agreement and Site Access Agreement {between Town of Timnath and] Peterson Energy, 2015
Publication Type: MOU/MOA
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Author Name: Timnath Town Council
Other Authors: Peterson Energy and Cimmaron Resources
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Publication Year: 2015
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Local Source File: CO168_Timnath_MOU_Peterson_Energy.pdf
Annotation: The intent of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to ensure that the Town and the Operator value a balanced approach to oil and gas development that is protective of public health, safety and welfare, including the environment. To that end, in order to achieve those goals in a cooperative manner, the Town and Operator enter into this Agreement to identify best management practices for the Operators drilling and production operations for the Well Site and to govern the Operator's use of the town roads.
Required vs.
Required -- "The following BMPs shall govern Operator's actions on the Well Site ... The Operator shall comply with all applicable state, and federal regulations in addition to the terms of this Agreement and the Best Management Practices listed below. Whichever regulation or Best Management Practice is most stringent shall apply." (page 21)
Ownership: State, Private -- "As owner of certain mineral rights, the Town has had the opportunity to negotiate certain terms with Peterson Energy ("Peterson"), the operator, and Cimmaron Resources ("Cimmaron") concerning wells to be drilled outside of Town boundaries." (page 1)