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Citation Label: CO170
Publication Name: Operator Agreement Between Erie and Encana Oil and Gas, 2015
Publication Type: MOU/MOA
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Author Name: Town of Erie
Other Authors: Encana Oil and Gas (USA) Inc.
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Publication Year: 2015
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Local Source File: CO170_Erie_MOU_Encana.pdf
Annotation: This Agreement/Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to provide for a balanced approach to oil and gas development that is protective of human health, safety and welfare, as well as the environment and wildlife. The aim of this Agreement is to identify new well pad sites, provide for centralized product gathering and storage facilities to reduce air emissions, supplement state requirements, create new review process for well pads, to create a process of regular meetings and to replace and supersede the 2012 MOU.
Required vs.
"7. Incorporation of Best Management Practices into COGCC Submittals. Encana shall include the BMPs listed in Appendix A on all Forms 2, Applications for Permit to Drill, and Forms 2A, Oil and Gas Location Assessments, submitted to the COGCC for new wells that Encana drills during the Term of this Agreement within the Operator Agreement Area." p. 3.