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Citation Label: CO176
Publication Name: Memorandum of Understanding between Town of Hudson and Kerr-McGee, 2015
Publication Type: MOU/MOA
Section Name:
Author Name: Town of Hudson
Other Authors: Kerr-McGee Oil and Gas Onshore LP
Contractor Name:
Publication Year: 2015
Publication No.:
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Local Source File: CO176_Hudson_Kerr-McGee_MOU_2015.pdf
Annotation: The Hudson - Kerr-McGee MOU memorializes the Parties' agreement concerning KMG's use of the Town Roads in connection with the operation of the Wells and the implementation of certain best management practices.
Required vs.
Required - "The BMPs identified in this MOU are intended to supplement and are in addition to COGCC rules and regulations with respect to KMG's operation of the Wells." MOU, section 1.
Ownership: Federal, state, private -- "This MOU shall apply only to the Wells [designated in the MOU, but with no other limitations]." MOU, section 2