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Citation Label: CO177
Publication Name: Memorandum of Understanding between Town of Hudson and Great Western Operating Company, Taoka, 2014
Publication Type: MOU/MOA
Section Name:
Author Name: Town of Hudson
Other Authors: Great Western Operating Company
Contractor Name:
Publication Year: 2014
Publication No.:
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Local Source File: CO177_Hudson_Great Western_Taoka Wells_MOU_2014.pdf
Annotation: This MOU between Town of Hudson and Great Western memorializes the Parties agreement concerning GW's operations related to the Hudson Wells and particularly GW's use of, and access on, the Town of Hudson's roads.
Required vs.
Required -- "This MOU is intended to supplement, and the terms contained herein are in addition to COGCC rules and regulations." MOU section 4, page 2. "GW shall adhere to the BMPs listed in Appendices C and D …." MOU section 5, page 2.
Ownership: Federal, state, private - "6. Applicability. This MOU shall apply only to the Hudson Wells." MOU section 6, page 3