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Citation Label: GEN443
Publication Name: The Mechanisms that Connect the Disposal of Fracking into Deep-Injection Wells to a Significant Increase in Midcontinent Seismic Activity
Publication Type: Report
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Author Name: Ritzel, Brent
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Publication Year: 2013
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Local Source File: GEN443_MechanismsConnectingFrackingandMidcontinentSeismicActivity.pdf
Annotation: This paper explores the recent significant increase in felt earthquakes in the midcontinent of the United States over the past decade in relation to fracking industrialization and its associated voluminous wastewater disposal needs. Studies and expert insight from geologists and seismologists from over the past fifty years will be utilized in order to render evidenced-based conclusions regarding these matters that have often remained at the opinion level of discourse in the public sphere.
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