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Citation Label: CO192
Publication Name: Memorandum of Understanding between City of Brighton and Petro Operating Company, 2017
Publication Type: MOU/MOA
Section Name:
Author Name: City of Brighton
Other Authors: Petro Operating Company, LLC
Contractor Name:
Publication Year: 2017
Publication No.:
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Local Source File: CO192_CO_MOU_Brighton_Petro_2017.pdf
Annotation: This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between City of Brighton and Petro Operating Company is to provide the conditions under which the operator will develop and operate future oil and gas facilities in the City, in order to foster the efficient and economic production of oil and gas resources, to protect human health, safety and welfare and to protect the environment and wildlife resources, while at the same time providing for a predictable and expeditious administrative process for obtaining City land use approvals and permits for oil and gas facilities. The further intent is to allow the operator an expedited procedure for obtaining City permits without the need for any formal hearing on such permits.
Required vs.
Required -- The operator and city agreed to the specific provisions of the MOU which are expressed in terms of "will" and "shall" with specific exceptions and caveats indicated.
Ownership: Federal, state, and private -- The MOU does not specify applicability based on land ownership, but states that: "The following conditions [Attachment A] will apply to all of Operator’s newly permitted wells and facilities within the City of Brighton (“City”) and located within Section 34, Township 1 North, Range 66 West and Section 3, Township 1 South, Range 66 West, as of the effective date of the fully executed MOU between the City and Operator." Att. A, page 12.