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Citation Label: GEN472
Publication Name: Induced Seismicity from Oil and Gas Wastewater Injection: A Comparison of State and Federal Law Regarding Class II Underground Injection Control (UIC) Wells
Publication Type: Report
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Author Name: Mutz, Kathryn
Other Authors: Cody Phillips
Contractor Name: Intermountain Oil andGas BMP Project
Publication Year: 2019
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Local Source File: GEN472_Mutz_IS_Law_Comparison.pdf
Annotation: This report compares the laws and regulations of seven states (Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas)and the federal government (EPA) to control the disposal of oil and gas wastewater into Class II Underground Injection Control (UIC) wells. The basis of this comparison is a compilation of applicable statutes and regulations into a publicly available, on-line, free-access dataset, available at, hosted by the Policy Surveillance Program at the Center for Public Health Law Research at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law. Most of the federal and state law displayed in the LawAtlas dataset and additional materials gleaned from state agencies were designed to protect underground sources of drinking water, although some are specific to controlling induced seismicity. The focus of the dataset and this comparison is to highlight which jurisdictions have regulatory tools to address the hazards and risks of induced seismicity
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