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Citation Label: GEN473
Publication Name: Recommendations to Address Flaring Issues, Solutions and Technologies
Publication Type: Unspecified
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Author Name: Houston Advanced Research Center
Other Authors: Richard Haut and Andra Wilcox
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Publication Year: 2019
Publication No.: GEN473_FIST_2019_HARC_Recommendations_Flaring.pdf
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Annotation: This report is an update of a 2015 research project to provide information and summarize technology as new state and federal regulations were being promulgated to reduce flaring and venting of natural gas. The primary focus was independent oil and gas producers and policy makers. The 2015 paper was provided to the Department of Energy and the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America enabling them to identify opportunities for R&D funding that would help reduce emissions from oil and gas operations and create a return on these investments through royalties, taxes and jobs. For the 2019 update, workshops were held in Texas, Colorado and Pennsylvania with a broad audience of stakeholders, including operators, service providers, academia, NGO’s, federal and state government agencies and regulators.
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