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Protecting Source Water in Colorado During Oil and Gas Development - This guide, released August 2016, is intended for water providers and community members interested in learning more about regulatory and non-regulatory measures to protect water quality.  The guide outlines how oil and gas development could impact water quality, particularly the "source water" of our drinking water supplies.  The focus of the report is how water providers and local governments can work with regulators and the oil/gas industry to negate potential impacts from oil and gas development to drinking water sources.

Colorado Water Watch - The Colorado Water Watch (CWW) is a real-time groundwater monitoring pilot program developed by the Center for Energy Water Sustainability at Colorado State University. The monitoring system is comprised of a network of water quality sensors capable of detecting changes in groundwater quality due to natural or operational impacts. The data is monitored, gathered, analyzed and reported by CWW and posted on this website to provide information to communities in the DJ Basin.

Monitoring Water Quality In Areas of Oil and Natural Gas Development: A Guide For Water Well Users - This guide from the Colorado Water and Energy Research Center (CWERC) walks water well users through the process of measuring baseline groundwater quality and quantity. It also includes information on how best to monitor that baseline in order to develop a long-term record of groundwater conditions for the duration of oil and gas development near you.

Fracking out Future: Where's the WaterFracking Our Future: Where's the Water - As large-scale hydraulic fracturing expands throughout Colorado's Northern Front Range, water conservation is becoming a pivotal issue in oil and gas development. Created by the Western Resource Advocates this comprehensive report analyzes the water burdens associated with hydraulic fracturing and provides specific recommendations to guide further oil and gas development in Colorado.

Piceance Basin Water Quality Repository As large-scale energy development continues in the Piceance Basin in northwestern Colorado, there is potential for changes in surface-and groundwater resources. USGS, in cooperation with over 25 entities created a public, web-accessible common data repository combining water-quality data from various sources to establish a baseline assessment of the region’s water resources. Collaborative partners supporting the project include the energy industry, local citizens, cities and counties, state agencies, the Bureau of Land Management, private consultants, the West Divide Water Conservancy District, and the Colorado River Water Conservation District. The data will be used to develop regional monitoring strategies needed to fill identified data gaps, and minimize redundancies in current and future water-resource monitoring.

The Water Information Program

Water Rights

The Water Information Program: To provide information to the public and community on water topics and water related issues.

Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

COGCC - Text of the rules (click on Rules)

Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Workshop on Protection of Drinking Water Supply Sources - The 317B Rules

The Water Information Program: To provide information to the public and community on water topics and water related issues.


Montana Board of Oil and Gas - Coal Bed Methane Information

Montana Department of Environmental Quality - Coal Bed Methane

New Mexico

New Mexico Oil Conservation Division Rules

NM Oil Conservation Division - Current and Proposed Rules

NM Oil Conservation Division - Highlights of the Pit Rule

Earthworks - A Conservation Perspective on the Pit Rule


Utah Division of Water Rights - Water Rights

Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining Oil and Gas Program - Web site updated with news and changes in regulations


Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Rules, hearings and more...

Environmental protection guides


Protecting Water Quality
Unconventional Development
Comparative Legal Database
Map of the continental United States in 3D on gray background. Stock Photo - 10272052 State by State