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BMP ID: 4554
Title: All disturbance would need to meet the Class II VRM objectives.
Text: Visual Resource Management (VRM) - VRM Class II: "1. All disturbance would need to meet the Class II VRM objectives. The objective for Class II is to retain the existing character of the landscape. Level of change should be low. Activities may be seen but should not detract the attention of the casual observer. Any change must repeat the basic elements (line, form, color, texture) found in the predominant natural features of the characteristic landscape (Manual 8410-1)."
Source Publication Name: Record of Decision Desolation Flats Natural Gas Field Development Project
Citation Page: A-1
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Usage Type: Recommended
Timing: • Production / Operation / Maintenance
Oil / Gas Field:  
Surface Ownership: • Federal
Mineral Ownership: • Federal
Primary Contact: BLM - Wyoming State Office
5353 Yellowstone Road
Cheyenne, Wyoming  82003  United States
Phone:(307) 775-6256     Alt. Phone:
Fax:     E-mail: 
Alternate Contact:  
Categories: Land Surface Disturbance
Visual Aesthetics
Location: Wyoming
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Date Entered: 2009-04-15 21:35 UTC
Last Updated: 2009-04-15 21:35 UTC