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BMP ID: 6273
Title: Ensure the safety of dams if fracturing or seismic operations will take place
Text: Water Issues: "If fracturing or seismic operations take place in the RSNC-CDP area, the industry operator will work with all appropriate local, state and federal agencies to ensure the safety of the Harvey Gap and Rifle Gap Reservoir dams."
Source Publication Name: The Rifle, Silt, New Castle Community Development Plan
Citation Section: RSNC Plan Features
Citation Page: 15
Supplemental Documents:  
Usage Type: Recommended
Timing: • Drilling
Oil / Gas Field: Piceance Basin (UINTA-PICEANCE)
Surface Ownership: • Private
Mineral Ownership: • Private
Primary Contact: Grand Valley Citizens Alliance
P.O. Box 656
Silt, CO  81652  United States
Phone:     Alt. Phone:
Alternate Contact: Frank Smith
Western Colorado Congress
P.O. Box 1931
Grand Junction, CO  81502  United States
Phone:970-256-7650     Alt. Phone:
Categories: Human Health and Safety
Water Quantity and Rights
Location: Colorado
Vegetation Types:
General Comments:
Cost-Benefit Analysis:
BMP Efficacy:
Date Entered: 2009-09-18 15:08 UTC
Last Updated: 2009-09-18 15:08 UTC