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BMP ID: 6517
Title: All aboveground facilities to be painted a color that best allows them to blend into background.
Text: "All aboveground facilities including power boxes, building doors, roofs, and any visible equipment will be painted a color selected from the latest national color charts that best allows the facility to blend into the background."
Source Publication Name: Moab Field Office: Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan
Citation Section: Appendix A, Section A.1.4: Environmental Best Management Practices (BMP) for Oil and Gas Operations
Citation Page: A-3
Supplemental Documents:  
Usage Type: Recommended
Timing: • Construction / Siting / Design
Oil / Gas Field:  
Surface Ownership: • Federal
• State
Mineral Ownership: • Federal
• State
Primary Contact:  
Alternate Contact:  
Categories: Visual Aesthetics
Location: Utah
Vegetation Types:
General Comments:
Cost-Benefit Analysis:
BMP Efficacy:
Date Entered: 2010-03-29 12:51 UTC
Last Updated: 2010-05-24 10:47 UTC