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BMP ID: 7934
Title: Above ground facilities will be painted according to latest color charts
Text: "All above ground facilities including power boxes, building doors, roofs, and any visible equipment will be painted the darker colors selected from the latest national color charts that best allows the facility to blend into the background."
Source Publication Name: Record of Decision - West Tavaputs Plateau Natural Gas Full Field Development Plan: Attachment 2
Citation Section: Oil and Gas Best Management Practices
Citation Page: 16/40
Supplemental Documents:  
Usage Type: Required
Timing: • Production / Operation / Maintenance
Oil / Gas Field: Uinta Basin (UINTA-PICEANCE)
Surface Ownership: • Federal
Mineral Ownership: • Federal
Primary Contact: BLM - Price Field Office
125 South 600 West
Price, Utah  84501  USA
Phone:435-636-6300     Alt. Phone:
Fax:(435) 636-3657
Alternate Contact:  
Categories: Visual Aesthetics
Location: Utah
Vegetation Types:
General Comments: Refer to Draft Standard Environmental Color Chart - 2nd Edition Standard Environmental Color Chart (which replaces the current Standard Environmental Color Chart and the Supplemental Environmental Color Chart) for guidance when selecting colors for treating facilities.
Cost-Benefit Analysis:
BMP Efficacy:
Date Entered: 2010-10-26 14:20 UTC
Last Updated: 2010-11-02 18:03 UTC