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BMP of Oil and Gas Development


Reports and Analysis

Stakeholder Assessment: Insights from the Field Toward an Understanding of Industry-Community MOUs, Golten, Ward, and Mutz. 2016

Local Government Authority to Regulate Oil & Gas Development, Green, Barbara. 2017.

Letter from COGCC to Adams County Commissioner O’Dorisio on BMP Enforceability

Managing the Risks of Unconventional O/G Development: hat Local Communities Can Learn From Others’ Experiences’ (2015 Joint Publication of CBI and Center for Science & Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists

Approaches to Local Regulation of Shale Gas Development (2013 CBI, for the Lincoln Institute)

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City of Longmont v. Colorado Oil & Gas Ass'n, 369 P.3d 573 (Colo. 2016)

City of Fort Collins v. Colorado Oil & Gas Ass'n, 369 P.3d 586 (Colo. 2016)

MOU Workshop Powerpoint Presentations

Golten PPT- Stakeholder Assessment: Challenges & Opportunities

Gruber PPT, Erie and the O&NG Urban Interface

McKenzie PPT: Public Health Implications of Air Pollutants Emitted from Oil and Gas Sites

Mutz PPT, Intro to MOU Project 12 7 17

Paranhos PPT: Air Quality A State and Local Priority

Sura PPT, Local Government Landuse Tools for Oil and Gas

Anatomy of an MOU
Anatomy of an MOU
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