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MOU databases

The BMP Project hosts databases of information from Local Government / Operator MOUs within the BMP Project’s existing searchable database of documents and searchable database of BMPs. These databases allow users to access the MOUs and to compare the BMPs included in them. 

Catalog of MOU Documents:

Calling all MOUs! Please help us populate the repository with all of the Local Government – Operator MOUs in Colorado. Have we missed one? Please let us know via the “About Us” tab above.

All known MOUs are included in the BMP Project’s searchable bibliography.  These MOUs (including draft, final but unsigned, and signed MOUs) were obtained through Internet searches, and contributions from individuals working on these issues, including the COGCC.

These MOUs are accessible via this website’s SEARCH’ tab.  A keyword search (using “MOU”) in this bibliographic database will yield a search report of all of the Local Government – Operator MOUs in the database.

See the How-to Guide for Searching the Bibliography for details on:

  • Customizing and sorting your search results;
  • Downloading data; and
  • Accessing a .pdf copy of each MOU.
Anatomy of an MOU
Anatomy of an MOU
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