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Database of MOU BMPs

The BMP Project hosts databases of information from Local Government / Operator MOUs within the BMP Project’s existing searchable database of documents and searchable database of BMPs. These databases allow users to access the MOUs and to compare the BMPs included in them. The BMP database also allows users to compare BMPs to state regulatory requirements and to monitor the incorporation of MOU provisions into COGCC permits and orders.

Catalog of MOU BMPs

Best management practices (BMPs) included in these MOUs are catalogued in the searchable BMP database. These BMPs can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Users can access a list of all of the BMPs from a specific MOU through the MOU’s data record (see the Catalog of MOU Documents, above).  Click on View all BMPs from this publication. Sorting the report of BMPs by BMP ID will generally list the BMPs in the order in which they occurred in the MOU, (e.g., Adams County general MOU). 

  2. Comparison Table of MOU BMPs and state regulations
  3. Users can also search the BMP database for BMPs using a keyword and/or filter search.  Using the acronym ‘MOU’ in the Keyword panel will limit your search to BMPs entered into our database from the Local Government – Operator MOUs (less than 50 documents).  Omitting ‘MOU’ from the Keyword panel will result in a search of BMPs from all of the 800+ documents in the database.

See the How-to Guide for Searching the BMP Database for details on:

  • Finding a specific MOU and listing its BMPs;
  • Limiting your search to only the MOU documents;
  • Limiting your search by keywords and filters;
  • Tips for crafting a search to find plurals and word variations; and
  • Sorting and downloading your search result.
Anatomy of an MOU
Anatomy of an MOU
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Database of MOU BMPs Database of MOU BMPs
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